Il Veneto, un universo da scoprire

If you leave the bike behind and take a car, in just a few minutes you can reach some charming sites, cities, small towns and villages that still have a great deal to offer the more attentive visitor. Oderzo, Treviso, Castelfranco Veneto, Venezia with its islands Murano, Burano e Tocello, Caorle, Jesolo, Padova, Vicenza, Verona… Villa Almè can offer you all this and much more, the chance to discover, or rediscover, an exceptional region with a history that goes back thousands of years with all the varied vicissitudes over the centuries. You will find architecture, art and the ancient events of so many towns, hamlets and villages, with a natural heritage of a thousand facets, ne sandy beaches, green oases and gently rolling hills as far as the peaks of the Dolomites, which were recently appointed a World Heritage Site by Unesco.